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COMMUNITY GUIDE (Thanks to crashedcarstar): Guide To Ripping a CD.

- Once cds are ripped, burn to the maximum allowed space. Make sure there is some order to the songs and ask if the person would like a playlist included. Folders can be acceptable, but once again, ask.

This community was designed in order for users to just concentrate solely on the purpose of making and trading Mp3 Data CDs.

Please respect others in this community. If there are insults, bickering, or arguments people will be banned. It is up to me, the moderator, to control all sorts of this type of activity.

Please note: If you email me, it is possible I may not respond. I am more likely to respond to a LJ comment than an email, since it is much more practical for me to respond when I am checking my friends folder and not other folders in my inbox. Thank you!

Come with an open mind! Please generate new ideas, new song mixes, whatever is related to MUSIC.

As for bad trading, if a user has experienced a bad trade please bring it to the attention of the community without insults and we will discuss further if there is a general consensus of what to do with this user. As it is often difficult to judge from one experience, both sides will be given an opportunity to say their peace. Then the general community will be given an opportunity and if worse comes to worse, those users may be banned. Please, no insults!!


Always has been, always will be. Mp3 is just a means of spreading the life to other good people.