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Hard techno, hip-hop, trip-hop, dub, beats and psy. trance FOR TRADE

Hey everyone,

I'm willing to trade music of the above generes, please have a look at my list

agallah (8-off)
breez bruin
Buck 65 - Man Overboard
polyrhythm addicts
grand agent
lost boyz - legal drug money
styles of beyond - 2000 fold
chino xl - nunca
Organized Konfusion
rowdy rise
rass kass
Pete Rock, Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Lone Catalysts,J-Rawls,J-Sands
Organized Konfusion
Shabaam Sahdeeq
skeme team
Louis Logic
Dru Down
Legit Ballers
Gangsta Boo
Big Daddy Kane
Spice 1
Kane & Abel
Big Ed
Freestyle Fellowship
Fat Jon
L.A. Symphony
Prince Paul
Rawkus - Lyricist Lounge (all vols)
Basement Khemist
Pep Love (The Funky Precedent all vols)
Hydroponic Sound System
Binary Star (Masters Of The Universe)!!!
Afu-Ra & DJ Cam - Voodoo Child
Sway & King Tech - Wake Up Show Freestyles

Kill Bill Vol 1 soundtrack
Pulp Fiction soundtrack

Funki Porchini - If Ya Can't Stand Da Beatz, Git Outta Da Kitchen
Aromadozeski Therapy
Luke Vibert

Kid Koala -- Some of My Best Friends are DJ's
Mix Master Mike
Qbert and the Invisibl Skratch Piklz
Rob Swift, DJs Roc Raida, Rob Swift, Eclipse, and Mista Sinista solos
Babu, DJ Curse and Melo-D of The Beat Junkies
DJ Craze and The Allies (Spictakular, Infamous, J-Smoke, Develop & Klever)
Steve Dee
Cut Chemist, Numark and Jurassic 5
DJ Relm and DJ Streak
DJ Krush
The Bullet Proof Space Travelers (aka: The Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters) - DJ Cue, Eddie Def, Quest, and DJ Marz
DJ Swamp
Jay Slim
Snayk Eyez
The Scratch Perverts
5th Platoon
Cash Money
Peanut Butter Wolf
DJ Design
DJ Radar
DJ Dibbs and 1200 Hobos
A-Trak and Kid Koala
Triple Threat (Vinroc, Shortkut & Apollo)
Doc the Butcher
DJ Disk
DJs Z-Trip & Radar - Live From The Future Primitive (all vols. Cut Chemist & Shortkut - vol. 1)
Handsome Boy Modeling School
DJ Cue
Cue's Hip Hop Shop (all vols)
MixMasterMike - Suprize Packidge - The Automator Remix

Doug E. Fresh (La Di Da Di, The Show)
Biz Markie (Make The Music With Your Mouth, Biz)
Ready Rock C (Human Video Game, My Buddy) of DJ Jazzy Jeff
the Fresh Prince, Buff aka Darren Robinson (The Human Beatbox, Stick Em) of the Fat Boys

C-Bo / Brotha Lynch
B-Legit / Mac Dre
X-Raided / Killa Tay
3x Krazy / Richie Rich
Cellski / Rappin' 4-Tay
Sean-T / Guce
Spice-1 He Wrote.
Lone Catalysts : Catalysts File
Bringing It Home 1 / Various
Five Deez : Secret Agent Number
Seven L & Esoteric
Ronny Jordan : Brighter Day
All Natural : Second Nature
DITC - Diggin' In The Crates
D.P.G. Dillinger & Young Gotti
Freaky Flow World Domination
Slick Rick Great Adventures Of Slick Rick
Blackjack Addicted To Drama
Murderers Irv Gotti Presents The Murderers
Itchy Vinyl Session Part II: Babylon 5 - DJ JS-One/DJ Spinba

Or anything else you think I'll like. Please, have a look at my list and you'll get the rough idea of what type of music I'm into.

Thanks for your attention and sorry for cross-posting.
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