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The Trick is to Keep Breathing

My List

Punk Rawk

-Lost For Words
Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music Split
-Dead Ends and Girlfriends
-Your Majesty
-Designing a Nervous Breakdown
-Loneliness Is Bliss
Blink 182
-Cheshire Cat
-Dude Ranch
-Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
Bowling for Soup
-(unsure, maybe self titled?)
Brand New
-Favorite Weapon
-Speed is Relative
Dance Hall Crashers
-Blue Plate Special
Dashboard Confessional
-So Impossible EP
-The Places That You've Come To Fear The Most
Death Cab For Cutie
-The Photo Album
Face to Face
-Big Choice
-Face to Face
-How to Ruin Everything
-Ignorance is Bliss
-Live Face to Face
Five Years On The Streets (comp)
-Open Your Eyes
-Stomping Ground
Good Riddance
-A Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion
Guns And Wankers
-Self Titled
-Musical Monkey
Hey Mercedes
-Everynight Fireworks
-Act Your Age
Hot Rod Circuit
-If It's Cool With You, It's Cool With Me
Hot Water Music
-Never Ender
Jimmy Eat World
-Street Team Reward Special Disc
Less Than Jake
-Borders & Boundaries
-Hello Rockview
-Losers, Kings and Things We Dont Understand
-Losing Streak
Life In The Fat Lane (comp)
Me First & the Gimme Gimme's
-Blow in the Wind
-Have A Ball
-Destination Unknown
-Save The World, Lose The Girl
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
-Pay Attention
-Home From Home
-Pennybridge Pioneers
-Same Old Tunes
-At The Show
-Life In General
-On The Cover
-Teenage Politics
-The Ever Passing Moment
New Found Glory
-Sticks & Stones
-Pleeeeez! Who Are You
No Motiv
-And The Sadness Prevails
-Diagram for Healing
No Use For A Name
-Life In A Dive
-More Betterness
-Punk in Drublic
-White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean
-Rock and Roll Part 3
Physical Fatness - Fat Music Volume 3 (comp)
Reel Big Fish
-Why Do They Rock So Hard
Reggie And The Full Effect
-Greatest Hits '84-87
-Promotional Copy
-Under The Tray
Rival Schools
-Unites By Fate
RX Bandits
-Those DamnBandits
Save Ferris
Saves the Day
-Can't Slow Down
-I'm Sorry I'm Leaving (EP)
-Stay What You Are
-Though Being Cool
Strung Out
-An American Paradox
-Another Day In Paradise
-Live in a Dive
-Twisted by Design
The All American Rejects
-The All American Rejects
The Aquabats
-The Fury Of The Aquabats
-The Return of the Aquabats
-Vs. The Floating Eye of Death
The Ataris
-...Anywhere but here
-End is Forever
-Let it Burn
-Look Forward to Failure
-So Long, Astoria
The Clash
-The Singles
The Get Up Kids
-Four Minute Mile
-On A Wire
-Something to Write Home About
The Hippos
-Forget The World
-Heads Are Gonna Roll
The Impossibles
The Juliana Theory
-The Juliana Theory
-Music From Another Room
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
-Let's Face It
The Movielife
-Forty Hour Train Back to Penn
-This Time Next Year
The Stereo
-No Traffic
-Three Hundred
Tsunami Bomb
-The Ultimate Escape
Ultimate Fakebook
-This Will Be Laughing Week
Unwritten Law
-Unwritten Law
Vagarant Records
-Another year on the Streets
-Another year on the Streets V. 2
-Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
-Live Fast Diarhea
-The Quickening
Zebra Head
-Waste of Mind
-Playmate Of The Year


-Get a grip
BaseketBall Soundtrack
Beastie Boys
-Hello Nasty
-Liensed to Till
-Paul's Boutique
Beavis and Butt-head Do America
Ben Folds Five
-Rockin' The Suburbs
Billy Idol
-Vital Idol
Billy Joel
-The Essential Billy Joel 1
-The Essential Billy Joel 2
Bloodhound Gang
-One Fierce Beer Coaster
-Hooray for Boobies
Bon Jovi
-Slipperry When Wet
-Sixteen Stone
-My Own Prison
-Around the Fur
Elvis Costello and the Attractions
-The Best of ECATA
Empire Records Soundstrack
Eve 6
-Eve 6
-Slow Motion Daydream
-So Much For The Afterglow
-Songs from An American Movie Vol 1
-Songs from an American Movie Vol 2
-Sparkle and Fade
-World of Noise
Foo Fighters
-The Colour and The Shape
-Version 2.0
Guns & Roses
-Use Your Illusion 1
-Use Your Illusion 2
-Make Yourself
-Traveling Without Moving
Limp Bizkit
-Three Dollar Bill, Yall
Linkin Park
-Hybrid Theory
-A Place In The Sun
-The Distance to Here
-...And Justice for All
-Garage Inc. 1
-Garage Inc. 2
-Kill 'Em All
-Master of Puppets
-Ride the Lightning
-St. Anger
No Doubt
-Tragic Kingdom
Our Lady Peave
Ozzy Osbourne
-The Essential Ozzy Osbourne 1
Phantom Planet
-The Guest
-A Kind of Magic
Rage Against the Machine
-The Battle of Lod Angeles
Smashing Pumpkins
Social Distortion
-Live At The Roxy
Stroke 9
-Nasty Little Thoughts
Sugar Ray
-Sugar Ray
The Beatles
-Anthology 3, disk 1
-Anthology 3, disck 2
The Hives
-Veni Vidi Vicous
The Wallflowers
-Bringing Down The Horse
Third Eye Blind
-Third Eye Blind
Three Doors Down
-The Better Life
-Weezer (IM) (MSNGR)

Lets trade!
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Deleted comment

I will be on Tuesday evening, if that works for you.

I should probably zip 2-3 albums together, if thats cool.

Deleted comment

I waited for you Tuesday night and Thursday night. No sign of you.

I have not yet, nor do I plan on acting like a "poo head".

Finding time for me to sit down and be at the computer for more than a few minutes has been difficult lately. You need to tell me what times are good for you. I also think I need to zip bigger files in case I have to leave again, so you can continue to DL.

Deleted comment

Really? I signed on and off both nights until around 9 pm... I have to get up early, so weeknights I dont stay on the computer too late.

Ill be on tonight then. Ill have files zipped and ready.

Deleted comment

Okay! Seriously about fed up! You need to tell me what times are good for you. Ill be on this weekend quite freequently. I havent ditched out on you, we do however have conflicting scedules.